Bulgarian Residence for Pensioners

Non-EU citizens who are retired in their home country can apply for a Bulgarian Retirement D visa and temporary residence permit. The required documents are published in Art. 24, sec. 11, para. 10 of the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act.

How to obtain a Bulgarian Retirement visa 

The set of documents for your Bulgarian retirement visa is submitted in person in the Bulgarian embassy or general consulate in your home country. The processing time of the retirement visa is 4-8 weeks. The D visa is valid for 6 months and has to be exchanged for a residency card no later than 2 weeks before the expiry of the D visa. 

Our fee to assist you with the preparation of the set of Pensioner D visa application documents is 750 EUR.

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Bulgarian Retirement visa

Documents required for a non-EU Pensioner to obtain a Pensioner D visa:

  1. Standard Bulgaria Visa Application form;
  2. Two passport-size photographs;
  3. Passport;
  4. Document, showing that they are entitled to a retirement income, issued by the country of origin and legalised with a notary public; Please note this refers to state pension. Pensions paid out by private organizations do not meet the criteria. 
  5. Evidence of accommodation and address in Bulgaria;
  6. Medical Insurance;
  7. Police clearance certificate/ CBR check.

How to obtain a Pensioner residence in Bulgaria

Eligibility for pensioner residence requires that you hold a valid D visa. The residency application should be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the D visa expires. The residence permit for retired people is granted for a period of up to 12 months and it can be renewed annually. The temporary residency can be changed for permanent or long-term residence meeting certain requirements. 

Family members of non-EU pensioners

The holder of a residence permit granted on the basis of retirement abroad can apply for family reunification in Bulgaria for his/ her not retired partner and children of not over 21 years old.

Permanent residency for Pensioners in Bulgaria

Non-EU pensioners that have resided legally and uninterruptedly on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for 30 months in any 5 years can apply for Permanent residency. On the other hand,

EU pensioners are not required to reside in Bulgaria for 30 months to apply for permanent residency. EU citizens are eligible to obtain a permanent 10 years residency card 5 years after their first residency card was issued in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian residence permit for EU pensioners

EU pensioners are not required to apply for a Retirement D visa and provide a no criminal record. EU pensioners and their family members can apply for Bulgarian residency under the relaxed procedure for EU citizens. The service takes only 3 working days. Learn more how to obtain Bulgarian residence for EU citizens.

Bulgarian citizenship for retired

Non-EU citizens are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship if they hold permanent or long-term residency for 5 years.

Alongside the retirement visa, there are other routes to residency in Bulgaria. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bulgarian Pensioner D visa