Bulgarian ID card

Bulgarian residence for EU citizens

EU citizens who would like to reside temporarily or permanently in Bulgaria may apply for a Bulgarian residency card, which is valid for five years. To obtain the residency card, you must register with the local Migration Office.

It’s important to note that registration is also required if you would like to apply for family reunification in Bulgaria. The specific requirements and application process for family reunification may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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Bulgarian residency for EU citizens

Bulgarian residence for UK citizens

After the Brexit transitional period UK citizens are considered non-EU citizens and the rules for non-EU citizens apply. A precondition to obtain Bulgarian residency card requires a D visa. 

UK citizens who received a Bulgarian residency card issued before the Brexit can enjoy the relexed rules for EU citizens. Same applies for their non-EU family members who would like to relocate to Bulgaria through the routes of family reunification. 

Renewal of Expired Bulgarian Residency Cards for British Citizens

If you are a British citizen and your Bulgarian residency card has expired, our experienced immigration lawyers can assist you in renewing your card without having to apply for a D visa.

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How to obtain a Bulgarian ID card (lichna karta)

EU citizens who would like to apply for a Bulgarian ID card (lichna karta) have to provide the following:

  • Proof of accommodation – deed or lease agreement;
  • Proof of sufficient funds – a copy of the front side of a debit or credit card is considered a valid proof of sufficient funds to support your stay in Bulgaria without relying on the Bulgarian social system;
  • Health insurance – this requirement can be satisfied by presenting a valid EHIC card (European Health Insurance card) or by purchasing a health insurance from a local or international insurance company.

Benefits of obtaining Bulgarian residence for European citizens

  • Obtaining Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card is a precondition for family reunification of your non-EU family members to Bulgaria and the European Union;
  • Bulgarian legislation considers cohabiting couples as family. You are not required to present a valid marriage certificate or CBR check.
  • Obtaining a Bulgarian residency card is a precondition to be granted tax residence of Bulgaria;
  • The Bulgarian residence will guarantee hassle-free visits to Bulgaria and other EU countries for British citizens after the Brexit.
  • You can convert your EU/ UK driving license for a Bulgarian driving license.

Necessary steps to obtain Bulgarian residency card

If you are an EU citizen who would like to obtain a Bulgarian residency card, the process is relatively straightforward. You will need to bring a valid passport and a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the local Migration Office. If you do not have a valid EHIC card, our team can assist you in obtaining local health insurance for a fee of 75 Euros, which provides coverage for 12 months.

The application process for the residency card typically takes three working days to complete. On the first day, you will submit your application and provide any necessary documentation. On the second day, you will have your photograph taken. The residency card will be issued on the third day.

Our team of dedicated immigration lawyers can assist you with every step of the process to obtain a Bulgarian residency card for EU citizens, making the process as hassle-free as possible. We can provide guidance on the specific requirements and documentation needed for your application, as well as assist you with any issues that may arise during the process.

Renewal of Expired Bulgarian residency cards

If your Bulgarian residency card or Bulgarian ID card have expired our lawyers will assist you to obtain a new card. 

Bulgarian Residence for EU citizens Bulgarian Residence for British citizens EU residence for British nationals after Brexit

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