Bulgarian permanent residency

Similar to the Bulgarian long-term residency, the permanent residency card is valid for 5 years. However, the expiration of the card does not mean your permanent status in Bulgaria expired. You are not required to apply for permanent residency again. You simply have to renew your plastic residency card and this will not take you longer than few days if you use the express service of the local Migration Office.

Grounds to obtain permanent residency

There is an extensive list of grounds to obtain permanent residency in Bulgaria. You will find listed only several of the grounds that seem to be popular:

  • foreigners of Bulgarian origin
  • foreigners that have resided legally and uninterruptedly on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for 5 years prior to submission of the application
  • members of the family of a Bulgarian citizen provided they have resided uninterruptedly on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria during the last 5 years

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Requirements to obtain permanent residency in Bulgaria

The requirement of legal and uninterrupted stay in Bulgaria is interpretted as at least 30 motnhs in any 5 years period. If you resided for less than 30 months, your application will be turned down.

If you have resided for more than 50 months in any 5 years period you may consider obtaining Bulgarian long-term residency. The long-term residency allows you to travel to Schengen member states visa free.

Deadline for submission

Not less than 2 months prior to expiration of the permitted residence period granted to the foreigner in the country.


Your long-term residency application will be considered within 2 months of submission of application. In circumstances of legal and factual complexity and necessity of presentation of additional documents or information the deadline can be extended by two months.

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Bulgarian permanent residency